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Hey, you guys own all three of the current consoles right? I know it's early in the console lifecycle but which of the three consoles do you think is worth it so far?

Asked by kiwibearsden

Ps4 is the obvious choice for de-facto lead platform and the WiiU for exclusives, similar to last gen where it was 360/Wii for most of it.

Hey Pat, I was just curious if you could go in depth on what NeoGaf is? I've heard you guys mention it numerous times and I have googled it but I'm a dumb babby so forgive me. Also is this where you get a lot of your gaming information, like sales and such? Cause I'm also into pod casting I would love to have this kind of information. Unless you're uncomfortable with sharing your sources, then I totally understand. Thanks man.

Asked by marcusgb

It’s just a forum. A really good one though, that most people in the industry read. It’s the defacto message board for videogames.

There isn’t a Sword of the beserk playlist on youtube.

Thanks! Fixed it.

You said in a recent podcast about how much you enjoyed Dragon's Dogma. What did you enjoy so much about it besides the face that it played like Monster Hunter and what class did you play?

Asked by blitzen34

I actually played Monster Hunter afterwards. I liked how it played like a proper action game, I liked that traveling from place to place was fucking hard, and I loved the moves and general combat. 

Okay, seriously, how do you manage to not punching Woolie, he almost buys slabs when you say titanite shard, like, could you dedicate a episode of Woolie managing the inventory by itself? So he learns, please, every part is painful

Asked by ccaesarj

He still goes to the item tab every single time he means to go to his equipment. Every single time. I can’t believe it.

Hey there Pat, long time admirer first time stalker. I noticed that the Royal Aegis guy in DS2 bears striking resemblance to Garl Vindlan from Demon's Souls. Did you notice this as well, and are there any possible reasons for the similarities? Besides the design team making more references?

Asked by astroshark316

Oh he’s clearly an homage. 

There isn't a Prison Break playlist.

Asked by longle95

Done! Thanks, I appreciate it. Too many moving parts to keep track of.

Pat, I've tried to figure this out for months ever since you said it on the podcast and I'm no closer to finding it out than when I started. I've played through the game 3 times and have everything completely finished with nothing left to do and I just can't find out what you're talking about. What exactly is the huge spoiler in the intro to Persona 4 Golden? I even tried asking other people and no one else seems to have figured it out either. Was there never a spoiler at all and you trolled us?

Asked by caiusligarius

It’s the moment where he tosses the glasses.

Is it gonna be tough getting the darksouls 2 playthroughs out? Because if i remember (unless i've listened to year old podcast) woolie is going to japan?

No worries! It will continue uninterrupted via magic!

Surprise! A question not about Kenny. Have you ever tried watching Red vs. Blue? If so, what are your thoughts on it?

Asked by giinthir

Fell off after they changed to Halo 2, but I loved those early episodes. Grif is just the best.