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Yo Piggledy Pat, who's the best Persona 3 girl in your most humble opinion?

PAT. Whats the Persona song that goes "Baby, Baby, Baby, Baby, Baby, Baby, Baby, Babyyyy" its stuck in my head and i can't remember.

Asked by jackelzxa



Asked by meeceace

FUCK. Endless Beta or full release?

I've been thinking of getting into Kill La Kill, but I've read all the arguments about why it's sexist and why the fanservice is bad. I don't mind fanservice, but I'm not really big on the sexism thing. Can you tell me why you think it's a good show?

Asked by sporkyspork

Cool stuff happens and stuff is like wheee whoo kablamz. I’d say reading arguments as to the quality of something like KLK from the internet based around sexism isn’t really that great of an idea without you watching it yourself. Nevermind the fact that KLK very intentionally goes for a subversive view of fanservice and that all it’s major characters are women.

Hey Pat, are you planning on dropping in on the stream at any point? it would be hilarious for you to join in on the Nuzlocke not knowing anything about it

Asked by spentaz01

Yeah, later today if it’s still ongoing.

Hey Pat, what's your stance on Sweden and swedish people?

Asked by white0devil

I find the swedes to have hilarious if difficult to understand chefs.

Yo Pat I've been thinking for a long while about moving to Canada in the next few years once I complete my Psychology degree and just wanna ask is it a good place to live ? Thanks man, keep up being epic Angry Pat ! Zaibatsu ftw! p.s When's the next xbox indie games ?

Asked by grimdeath999

Canadas awesome bro.

Hey Pat, are you and the guys referencing anything when you go WHO !!???

Asked by risebestgirl

Actually, I just got to that section of the video. You and Matt were talking, Matt got questions about why you're crazy. You said something along the lines of "Nobody wants to ask the crazy person why they're crazy" and Matt said "Yeah, your tumblrs over here, ask him"

Asked by machobears

Hah, that makes sense. Thanks Machobears.

Why is there a bunch of questions in my inbox about how nuts/crazy I am lately? Did I say something super nuts in a video lately?