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I've got a Xenogears question for ya, Pat. I've recently picked up the game, and have now gotten to the bit where you pay those pseudo-fighting game minigames. I was wondering what your thoughts on those were? The movement in them really weirds me out, personally.

It’s pretty good for a bonus minigame, but when you get to disc 2, it ends up getting a roster of like 20-30+ fighters comprising almost every mech and the game and I had a lot of fun with it.

Yo Pat, in a recent gif set of the Zaibatsu, I saw you wearing a shirt of Babou being the mascot of a lacrosse team. Where do you find these amazing Archer shirts? First, Pam's sploosh shirt, now this? Where can I get my hands on those?

Asked by theguyfrom415

I got em from Redbubble. 

Yo is it just me or does Batsu sound exactly like sanageyama from kill la kill?

He also sounds identical to Viral from Gurren Lagann and Links adult yells. It’s because it’s the same, INCREDIBLY prolific VA.

I know you're probably sick of fightstick questions, but would older models of Qanba sticks still be inferior enough in terms of the parts as to justify buying a Q4 instead? I see the value in the Q4s being dual-modded, I'm just curious how much of a gap in quality there is between it and the other Qanba sticks.

Asked by jakofspades

I don’t know man, I never got any hands on with any models other than the Q4.

Hi Pat so first of all I want to say I think youre adorable and hilarious. Secondly I have a question about the podcast--I used to listen to the RT 'cast but b/c they reference previous episodes so often they kinda have to be listened to in order. I want to start listening to yours now but I'm afraid if I start at the most recent episode I won't know what the hell is going on. Also you guys have a lot of inside jokes? Anyway do I have to start from the beginning or can I just do the most recent?

Asked by pointsnapwink

We have a couple in jokes or stuff we reference, but yeah, feel free to jump right in man. 99% is flavour of the week.

Yo Pat, what's your preferred name for the P4 protag?

Yu Narukami. I don’t really have any stake behind player created names. I’d always rather the MC have a name.


Matts, obviously. 

Hey Pat. What was the website you mentioned that reviews TVs and monitors? My TV just burned out and I need a new one ASAP. Thanks.

Asked by davinci1204

Here ya go!

I have to ask -- do you put much stock in the science behind ASMR? I don't really myself, but still find myself looking up ASMR when I'm having trouble sleeping.

Asked by aluminumcan

The science asmr people are peddling is doubtful as all hell, but there is something there. ASMR is actually really close to a hypnosis response. Seems to me that it’s something to do with a high level of empathy and guided relaxation/hypnosis. Hypnosis has been demonstrated to have the potential for incredibly intense effects on most people. Something like 80% of people are hypnotizable to some degree, 10% are highly suggestive and the remaining folks have severe difficulty (I count myself as one of em.) Has to do with the ability to focus and clear your mind and all that. If you’re one of those people who literally cannot stop thinking all the time even when trying to relax. 

It’s possible that ASMR stuff is a form of backdoor guided hypnosis through an empathy response. Empathy for someone being massaged, or in the case of the ASMR class of “mundane tasks/objects”, empathy with a lightbulb or a keyboard or a painting canvas or some such. Then again I’m pulling all this out of my ass so take it with a heaping of salt.

The only thing I can be certain of is that the ASMR stuff, particularly head massage videos and stuff, helps me relax and it’s a relatively intense response. Clearly I’m not the only one, and the phenomenon basically sprang up overnight on youtube as a result of this video -

Clearly there’s something going on. You see the same complaints or likes on every kind of video, that there needs to be ambient room noise, for example. It’s very likely a brand new psychological phenomenon that exists entirely due to the internet and the way video is shared. It’s fascinating. 


The folks talking the most about ASMR aren’t shrinks or doctors, they’re mostly the same kind of new age quacks that want you to believe that magnets can make you live longer and new age medicine is a fine substitute for actual medicine. Massage therapists, by and large, are total pros and are a godsend for your back (or other muscle related issue) and plus, even if massage was useless (which it ain’t) but even if it was, it FEELS great. But they’re not doctors (neither are chiros, really) and you should be wary of any explanation given to you that can’t be traced back to proper academia or actual peer reviewed studies.

Do you find you have certain habits/traditions when staying up at night? For me, I listen to music until like 3AM, and the listen to stand up until I get tired or have to get ready to begin the new day.

Asked by flopadopkis

ASMR vids before bed. Helps me sleep.